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debtorsprison's Journal

Debtors Prison
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I created this community as a place for people to vent about their money woes. I got tired of whining about it in my journal and I thought others might feel the same way. Feel free to
vent about anything and everything that is going
wrong in your life. You can even talk about whats
going right in your life.

Did you get a large phone bill, heating bill or
credit card bill? Have you not gotten a raise
in pay since the turn of the century? Are others
doing the same job as you getting more money
than you? Are you having trouble finding
employment? Did you just get laid off? If any of
those apply to you than this is the community for

I can't even afford a penny for your thoughts and
I'm too broke to pay attention anyway.

I am the new moderator and I'm going to leave the above as is because I agree with it. If you have any questions or suggestions, please email me at DisneyDreams03@yahoo.com; please put DebtorsPrison in the subject line.